NSF/CBMS Conference


Deformation Theory of Algebras and Modules

May 16-20, 2011

North Carolina State University


NCSU Department of Mathematics


Organized by:
Kailash Misra
Tom Lada

Principal Speaker

Professor Martin Markl, Mathematics Institute at the Czech Academy of Science will be giving ten lectures entitled:

  1. Algebras and modules
  2. Cohomology of associative algebras
  3. Classical deformation theory of associative algebras
  4. Structures of (co)associative (co)algebras
  5. dg-Lie algebras and the Maurer-Cartan equation
  6. L algebras and the Maurer-Cartan equation
  7. Homotopy invariance and the Maurer-Cartan equation
  8. Deformation quantization of Poisson manifolds
  9. Deformations of general algebras and the related cohomology
  10. Deformations of diagrams of algebras and the related cohomology
Invited Speakers

- Murray Gerstenhaber (University of Pennsylvania): Self-Dual and Quasi Self-Dual Algebras
- Anthony Giaquinto (Loyola University Chicago): Frobenius Lie Algebras and Universal Deformation Formulas
- Haisheng Li (Rutgers University): Quantum Vertex C((t)) Algebras and Their Modules
- Alexander Voronov (University of Minnesota): Quantum Deformation Theory
- Sarah Witherspoon (Texas A & M University): Deformations of Skew Group Algebras


- The schedule can be found here.


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The Conference will be held in SAS Hall on NCSU's Campus.


Tom Lada
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Kailash Misra
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