PhD Students

Marilyn Daily   May, 2004  L-infinity Structures on Spaces of Low Dimension,  Post-doctoral position at Max-Planck institute, Potsdam

Zviad Kharabava   May, 2004  Singular Cochains and Rational Homotopy Type,  return to Tblisi, Republic of Georgia

Rebecca Hillman   May, 2005   Relationship between Symmetric Brace Algebras and Pre-Lie Algebras, University of South Carolina Sumter 

Mindy Capaldi 2010 Developing a New L-infinity Algebra Using Symmetric Brace Algebras, Valparaiso University

Michael Allocca 2010 L-infinity Algebra Representation Theory, St. mary's College of California

Melissa Tolley 2013 The Connections between A-infinity and L-infinity Algebras, Wingate University