Special Session on Homotopical Algebra with Applications to Mathematical Physics



Michael Allocca : A Finite Dimensional A-infinity Algebra Example

Ron Umble : The homology of a DG bialgebra is an A-infinity algebra

Mikael Vejdemo-Johansson : Finite time computation of A-infinity algebra structures on Ext algebras

Eduardo Hoefel : OCHA: examples and related structures

Rafael Diaz : N-differential graded algebras: examples and applications

Stefan Forcey : Polytopes, positrons, and antipodes http://faculty.tnstate.edu/sforcey/forcey_raleigh.jpg

John Harper : Bar constructions and Quillen homology of modules over operads

Anton Zeitlin: Field Equations from Homotoopy Algebras of CFT #

Thomas Tradler: Explicit higher Hochschild complexes